Snowden Online Movie Trailer

Published on 03 Aug 2018 / In Thriller

The film could easily be described as reminiscent of Oscar-winning documentary Citizen4 (also known as Edward Snowden), made of material recorded during Snowden's stay in Hong Kong and meeting with two journalists (Glenn Greenwald / Zachary Quinto and Ewan MacAskill / Tom Wilkinson /), and producer of the documentary Laurom Poitras (Melissa Leo). However, Oliver Stone extends the dramatization framework over a decade-long backline with a clear intention to dynamize the film, define the main character, make it more fond of, justify his motives and make it a classic Hollywood hero. In that direction, significant omissions are visible. Without any psychological complexity, Snowden's "why" is primarily motivated by external causes - it is a mechanically justified set of reactions to the potentials that the environment provides. That basic personality factor, which would point us to the character of the hero and what separates it from people in similar situations, does not remain sufficiently developed.

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