The Grinch Online Movie Trailer

Published on 11 Dec 2018 / In Animation

The famous green mongrel, cynical and crippled in nature, will once again try to ruin the holidays, not realizing that the excitement of a little girl will sweep his heart, and perhaps prevent the evil intentions. Universal Pictures and Illumination are a phenomenal animated adventure, based on Dr. Seuss literary, festive classics. Grinch moves to the mission to steal Christmas, but his heart to the end of this adventure is changing thanks to the unbridled spirit of a girl who believes in Christmas and the magic of the holidays. A witty, warm and visually enchanting film will tell us the universal story of the festive spirit and the irrepressible power of optimism. Grinch lives a lonely life in his cave, and only the true society is his faithful dog, Max. The cave is packed with inventions and innovative devices that meet its everyday needs, and only when the luck of its neighbors is when it is left without food and has to go to the city in procurement. And every year, before Christmas, Grinča is increasingly annoying the ever bigger and lighter and louder holiday atmosphere. When the city announces that the plan is to decorate three times as much fir trees as before, Grinch understands that the only thing left for him is to provide himself with a little peace and quiet to steal Christmas. In order to do this, he decided to mask in Santa Claus.

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