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Published on 13 Apr 2019 / In Drama

The Highwaymen is a crime drama produced by producer Casey Silver for 15 years unsuccessfully trying to record, with the idea that the lead roles are interpreted by Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Netflix bought the rights last year, entrusted the screenplay to John Fusco, and directed by John Lee Henkoku.

The film's action follows the untold story of a tandem detective who arrested Bony and Clayd. Given that many FBI agents, thousands of police officers and modern forensic technology were not enough to capture the most notorious criminals in the country, two former Texas rangers are getting their hands off. Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson must rely on their instincts and skills in the old school to do the job ...

Boni Parker and Clyde Berou arrived at a time when the media were demanding shocking stories, and the boy's crimes and girls from the people were certainly shocking. Radio shows have interrupted their program because of them, they filled out newspaper headlines, and ordinary people viewed them as a celebrity, maybe even heroes.

Given that there was a time of Great Depression, many people were left out of property because of the banks and the government, so they were forced to move and live on the border of misery. Bonnie and Clyde looted the banks, and widespread rumors about them made them a modern version of Robin Hood. These rumors did not hide that they were criminals and murderers, but the popularity was more interesting to the people than the facts.

Unlike the famous couple, there are unknown and modest heroes, who perform their duty without the desire for glory. The two are aware that they are the most suitable for carrying out the work that is before them. The scenario presents them as traditional, confused representatives of the law, which is not clear why the people celebrate criminals. Tradition has always been on the side of the law, or rather the people who have fought for justice in a land of lawlessness, and now they seem to be criminals.

Even the scenario somehow creates characters who are unworthy of the conflict with Bonnie and Clyde, as if Frank and Meen can not rise above the almost legendary status that the criminal duo has. They are here only for arrest and we do not have a wider picture of them, except that people who have caught the famous criminals. This is supported by the fact that their families are not mentioned as soon as they went to work, which I understand as the recognition that the lives of the protagonists are irrelevant, except for the work they were searching for with criminals.

Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson provide correct performance as people from the past who are hard to adapt to the present. I liked their characters acting on the ground, while Bonnie and Clyde were like a shadow, which escaped them as soon as they approached. The rangers have long since passed when they were capable of an old-fashioned pursuit, they are not technologically equipped as federalists and have no inter-state jurisdiction. However, stressed instincts and decades of experience did not abandon them.

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