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Published on 17 Apr 2019 / In Other

The Kominsky Method is a humorous series that comes to us from Netflix and is signed by producer Chuck Lori, a man who created Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. I probably would not have noticed this series if there were no Golden Globes awards, where she won two victories - for the main actor (Michael Douglas) and for the best series in the category of musical or comedy. After the successful first season with eight half-hour episodes, which was presented in November last year, the second season has recently been confirmed.

Michael Douglas interpreted Sandy Cominsky, an actor who long ago celebrated and now in his studio teaches new acting hopes. His agent and best friend is Norman Newlander (Alan Arkin), a slightly gloomy gentleman with no hair in his tongue. Norman's wife died of cancer, and the fact that his daughter is on constant treatments for rehab is not supported by him. The two of them break together through an existential crisis, while examining their decisions, their thoughts and their long-standing relationship ...

Sandi has a reputation as a woman-woman and has failed marriages behind her, and at her lectures she is introduced to a woman who is attracted to her. However, he misses his skills to raise their relationship to a higher level. He is frustrated that he transmits his acting skills to people who live in the world of social networks, where values ​​are disturbed, and does not help him with problems with prostate and tax. He is aware that he has sinned in the past and is trying to be the best he can, but it still happens that he is working on the ego.

On the other hand, Norman's return to the empty house is a big blow, he does not know how to fill that void and realizes that he does not fulfill it more. He lost his life partner, his daughter unsuccessfully wanders at the rehab clinics, and did not appear at work for more than two years. Even when it appears, it realizes that it is far from modern trends and that the high business avoids any form of intimacy, which does not suit it. Until recently, he worked perfectly, and now everything worked senselessly. He finds only support in Sandi, which he needs as much as he does to him.

The first thing that draws attention is the reality with which the main tandem protagonists and the situations in which they are present are presented. The two are mostly lascivious, but in a way that is both serious and comical - almost every scene has a dose of sarcasm or black humor. I liked that irony was a more attractive way to deal with problems than to be under constant stress. Some situations are somewhat embarrassing, but everything is nicely packed in a witty wrapper.

Norman and Sandy are in their lifetime when their death is near and admit that they have challenges they have not faced so far and who do not know how to overcome them. Support is seen in one another and by common forces, but each in its own way breaks through everyday problems. You will feel that you feel guilty conscience because you smile while watching something that is sad or embarrassing to them.

It bothered me very much that the other characters were completely undeveloped, as if their only purpose was to help represent the Sandy or the Norman. Also, I think that everything would be much more receptive to the fact that the main protagonists are not successful residents of Hollywood with a great reputation. It would be nice to see them as people whose days of glory are far behind them, and now they are acting like ordinary mortals. This is how we look at how multi-year non-payment of taxes is solved by the printing of one check, which is a reality for very few people. I am not saying that this kind of presentation is bad, but it would be easier to live with the main heroes that people from the people.

Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are very good actors and the chemistry of their characters is simply tangible, as if the producers found people who have been friends for almost half a century. Their characters were elaborated, written as convincing people with petty virtues and flaws, and Michael and Alan were probably enjoying the exchange of intelligently written dialogues. No wonder the series works when people who know their work so routinely step with their roles.

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