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The Vanishing Online Movie Trailer

Published on 31 Dec 2018 / In Mystery

Saban Film presented a trailer for the psychological thriller The Vanishing, directed by Kristoffer Nyholm, originally announced as Keepers. The film is a mysterious story about three lighthouses that confront each other on an isolated Scottish island. The acting trio is composed by Gerard Butler (Tyrannosaur, War Horse, Trainspotting) and the new acting name Connor Swindells (London Has Fallen, How to Train Your Dragon, Coriolanus, 300).

The Vanishing is inspired by the story of the most mysterious disappearance of people in history. In the isolated Scottish islet in 1900, three men who were in charge of the functioning and maintenance of lighthouses disappeared. The lighthouse is located on the uninhabited island of Eilean Mor, whose name in the Celtic language means a large island. It is the largest of the islands of the Flannagan Islands. This desolate archipelago has the nickname Seven Hunters and is located about 32 kilometers from the nearest neighboring land, in the northwest of Scotland, and is actually a group of rocks that rush from the sea to a height of 88 meters. Except this top peak there is a lighthouse, which is also the only inhabited object on the entire island. The lighthouse was 23 meters tall and had a permanent crew of three men, with a fourth who would occasionally come from the neighboring mainland. The first unusual thing that was noticed was the fact that the lighthouse stopped to light. A passing ship informed people in the neighboring port that came to the lighthouse to see what had happened. They found no one on the lighthouse. That the mystery of the larger beds were unadjusted, and one chair in the kitchen was overturned, as if somebody went in a hurry. And one hood was found left in the living rooms, which means that someone went outside in bad weather without protection. The investigation of this event has not yielded any results, and many theories have been raised by the fact that it was an isolated place and the winter season of the year with a sharp climate in northern Scotland. Theories vary from the story of ghosts, characteristic of Celtic mythology there, to recent theories of extraterrestrial abductions.

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