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What Happened to Monday? Online Movie Trailer

Published on 04 Sep 2018 / In Action

What Happened to Monday is a new Netflix production company project, which is obviously trying to expand its range to all possible genres. This time it is a dystopian sci-fi of Tommy Wirkola, who owns a vajb that must be seen by those who are not fans of this genre. In addition to high production values, what sets him apart is actress Numi Rapas (Noomi Rapace), who interprets the roles of seven sisters.

For some fifty years, humanity has been experiencing a crisis due to overpopulation and food shortages. Scientists find a way to genetically modify crop yields, but this entails more and more childbirth with twins, triplets, etc. Therefore, a campaign is conducted according to which each family must be limited to one child. However, in one apartment there are seven identical nurses, raised by their grandfather (Willem Dafoe). They are named after the days of the week, share one identity, and once a week each one enters the outside world. The plot arises when one evening Mandei does not return to the apartment ...

The efforts made by Numi Rapas in cooperation with costume designers and hairdressers must be commended immediately, especially when considering the quality of the scripting material with which she worked. The characters of the sisters are classical archetypes such as geek girl, sexy girl or rebel girl, who are not elaborated at all, but she manages to detail them in detail. This is best seen in scenes when the sisters are at the same table and I'm a little disappointed that their characterization did not work out.

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