Wonder Woman (2017)


Paradise island of Themyscira, home of the Amazons, a woman warrior, created the gods of Olympus and hid it from the world. The Amazons had the task of protecting the human race from the god of war Ares and his destructive influence on them. Ares in his anger killed all the gods and only Zeus remained. In the decisive battle, Zeus defeats Ares, but he himself is mortally wounded. He invested all his strength to make a weapon for the God-killer and gave it to the Amazons in case Ares ever returned. Centuries passed and only one child, Diana, the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, was born on the island. Although without her mother’s consent, Diana trained to become the best warrior, and was trained by the Queen’s sister Antiope. Diana grew and became stronger and more agile. Just when her training reached its peak, the propeller plane broke through the invisible barrier and changed the whole world in its fall…

Like I said, previous movies had 1001 objections, and this, that. If you ask me, it is all the fault of the shape of the viewers with a series of Marvel movies, so they expected something similar from those from DC. When DC appeared, serious, dark, cruel, then there was a general whining that something was wrong, there was a lack of humor, color and who would know what else. Again, on the other hand, the films had their fans and those who appreciated a real DC show, so in the end, although the critics spat on the films, all three together, including Suicide Squad, earned about $ 2 billion. Is it small? They suck.

Because of all this noise, the producers decided to introduce certain changes and launch an action to flatter the masses. Director Patti Jenkis, known for her debut Monster with the monstrously transformed Charlize Theron as a vicious serial killer, has been hired. Fifth, she also worked on the series Killing and Arested Development. Since her products are dark, I think she was a good choice, and she confirmed that in the end. What’s more, she did a great job. Don’t be confused. If you thought I was scolding WW, it was just disapproval of the activities as part of flattering the masses. Beyond that, Wonder Woman is a very good DC movie and a sequel to his movie universe, in which we will, I hope, watch many more accomplishments with favorite superheroes.

The title actress playing Wonder Woman is a complete hit. Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress and model, has been challenged from the start. However, with her role, she denied everything and gave a really impressive performance. Her performance of Wonder Woman is, I would say, just right. The warrior, who, in the face of the new world, looks naive and helpless at first glance. However, her true strength of character and the power she carries within herself easily overcomes all barriers. He follows his goal and is guided by his principles and soul and will not allow anyone to thwart it. Fearless, brave and just is all that a superhero, determined to protect the world of people, should be. All this and much more Gal delivered to us, in two or so hours, and cemented its place in the DC universe.

Chris Pine is no less good. My favorite character of these new actors has proven and shown again everything I have been talking about him for years as an actor. Confident with buckets of charisma, he simply carries the film, and even steals all the glory at certain moments. His relationship with Gal has been sparking on the screen since the very beginning, and this film couple is one of the most convincing in recent years. The support of these two is also given by the other great team, which through their roles brings that fun note, the lack of which has been complained about by the masses in previous films. The team is great and they did a great job.

Having these acting qualities at her disposal, as well as great production possibilities, Petty made great use of it and skillfully balanced the story. She gave us a great Origin story of a superhero. She slowly revealed to us, dosing with the right doses of romance, humor and action. In that way, she managed to hold the viewer’s attention until the very end, and thus make this film a success. She connected the film with the previous one, as well as those who follow in the DC universe, and created a long-awaited feeling in the viewer.

From the technical side, the film is maximally weighted and everything is at an extremely high level, except for a few CGI little things while we are on a paradise island, but that is insignificant. The effects are great and there are really impressive scenes. I would especially single out those with WW in action, where we fully see all the power of a superhero. So, everything works here at the top level, that is. almost everything. What disappointed me somewhat was WW’s final confrontation with his nemesis Ares.