Written and Directed By God (2023) Full Malayalam Movie Info


Sunny Wayne and Aparna Das are set to grace the screen together in an upcoming Malayalam film titled “Written and Directed By God.” This intriguing project is helmed by director Febu George Stonefield and produced by Sanoob K Yoousef.

Written and Directed By God (2023) Full Malayalam Movie Info

The script for the film is penned by Jomon Jhon, Linto Devasia, and Roshan Mathew, promising an engaging narrative. Cinematographer Bablu Aju, known for his work in movies like Antakshari and Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey, captures the visual essence of the film, while talented musician Shaan Rahman takes charge of composing the music.

Detail Information
Movie Title Written and Directed By God
Release Year 2023
Director Febu George Stonefield
Producer Sanoob K Yoousef
Genre Drama
Writers Jomon Jhon, Linto Devasia, Roshan Mathew
Starring Sunny Wayne, Saiju Kurup, Aparna Das
Music Director Shaan Rahman
Cinematographer Bablu Aju
Editor Abhishek GA
Production Company Yet to be updated
Language Malayalam
Release Date Yet to be updated
Runtime Yet to be updated
Censor Certificate U/A
OTT Platform To be updated
Streaming Date To be updated
Trailer Available
Review Yet to be updated
Rating Yet to be updated
Box Office Collection Yet to be updated

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While awaiting the release of “Written and Directed By God,” Sunny Wayne is currently involved in shooting his debut web series directed by Praveen Chandran. Additionally, he is eagerly anticipating the release of his next project, “Kasargold,” featuring Asif Ali.

The film is scheduled to release in November 2023, creating anticipation among fans who are eager to witness this unique cinematic experience.

Written and Directed By God (2023) Full Malayalam Movie Info

Although the specific plot and genre of the film have not been revealed yet, audiences can expect an intriguing storyline that will captivate their attention and emotions.

Details regarding the OTT platform, streaming date, and runtime of the film are yet to be announced. However, fans can look forward to enjoying “Written and Directed By God” in the Malayalam language.

Here’s a quick overview of “Written and Directed By God”:

Director: Febu George Stonefield
Producer: Sanoob K Yoousef
Genre: Drama
Writer: Yet to be updated
Starring: Sunny Wayne, Saiju Kurup, Aparna Das
Music: Shaan Rahman
Cinematographer: Bablu Aju
Editor: Abhishek GA
Production Company: Yet to be updated
Release Date: Yet to be updated
Language: Malayalam

As of now, reviews, ratings, box office collections, and the censor certificate are yet to be disclosed. However, once the film hits the screens, critics and audiences will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions.

Fans of Sunny Wayne, Aparna Das, and Malayalam cinema can eagerly anticipate the release of “Written and Directed By God.” Stay tuned for further updates on the film, including the release date and availability on your preferred platforms.