American Pie (1999)


The beginning of the film introduces us to a nice four guys who come to the disappointing conclusion that everyone will go to college as virgins. As the beginning of the action that will prevent that from happening, they are concluding a pact, and the deadline for fulfilling the obligation is the prom night. Each of them tries in different ways to succeed in their intention. Jim (Jason Biggs) takes a serious interest in Nadia, Oz (Chris Klein) discovers his musical side to explore an unexplored area, Find (Eddie Kaye Thomas) pays to spread misinformation about him, while Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) tries to persuade to take your girlfriend to the next level. However, the prom night is approaching, and their attempts are increasingly desperate.

I often wonder what exactly is in it when there are numerous projects with similar premise or similar humor, and the only reasonable explanation for me is the fact that this is the first real comedy that I remember, and somehow I compared everything after it. There are probably better comedies than this one, but none of them manages to get close to her in terms of leaving such a positive impression on me.

The fact is that the humor in this film is occasionally debatable and exceeds the limits of good taste and political (read: any kind) correctness, but it is also a fact that you will have great fun with it, unless you are a moral monstrosity. The characters in this film are very interesting and easily create sympathy with the viewers. They are very different from each other and attention is paid to female heroes, who are more than pieces of meat used for sex. The film is also characterized by the fact that it has a certain meaning and a solid script that unites everything into one whole, unlike today’s films from this genre, which are presented through shots, usually without any meaning. Unfortunately, clichés have not been successfully avoided, but they have been reduced to a more or less reasonable level.

According to some critics, the success of American Pie is based on the fact that the act of losing one’s virginity is quite a stressful experience for all of us, and each of us sooner or later had to face it and experience it in our own way. easy to identify with the situation in which the top four found themselves. Besides, the situation itself, especially when characters like this are found in it, is excellent material for comedy. The fact is that the sutors did not follow the line of easier resistance, so they did not cut some debatable scenes that finally became the highlight of the entire project. In addition, the film passed the censorship commission only on the third attempt.

The casting is superbly selected, each actor is literally made for the role he got. An important confirmation of this is that almost no one, except Alyson Hannigan, has achieved a more notable career after this project. Besides, whenever we see one of the actors in a new project, we automatically remember him from this movie. I wouldn’t list them all, because their acting quality was obviously not crucial for getting the role, but it is worth mentioning Seann William Scott, whose spontaneity and appearance alone are enough to make you laugh.