Groundhog Day (1993)


If we were to recommend this film, we would probably label it as a film that is for almost everyone. It can also be seen as a Christmas, family film, comedy, drama, and even a romantic film, and also as a twisted fantasy. This film is characterized primarily by a very original story by the author Deni Rabin, who is also the screenwriter of the film. Also, this great story is imbued with a very specific humor, mostly thanks to the contribution of Bill Murray, who shows his full brilliance in this film. Regardless of the fact that it has elements of science fiction, this film is operated by special effects and similar aids that usually make the film look better, but that is not a minus for it.

Phil Connors is the host of the television weather forecast. He is arrogant, egocentric, sarcastic, pessimistic, but still full of self-confidence. In a word, the typical role of Bill Murray. Phil goes very grumpy with his TV crew, producer Rita (Andie MacDowell) and cameraman Larry (Chris Elliott) to the traditional celebration of “Marmot Day” in Panksatouni, on the occasion of filming the report. Despite the aspiration to escape from there as soon as possible after the job is done, due to the circumstances, Phil remains trapped in this town, in a very unusual way.

Namely, he not only remains trapped in the city, but also on the same day, the day of the marmots, which is repeated indefinitely, of which only he is aware. Becoming aware of this unusual phenomenon in his life, Phil goes through all possible phases. Fear appears first, as an initial reaction. Realizing that the previously lived day does not leave any physical consequences on him, but everything is simply reset, Phil then enters the phase of hedonism. Then follows the phase of ecstasy of infatuation, and the phase of hopelessness with multiple suicide attempts, so that everything will end in its complete rebirth.

Humor is permeated through all the pores of the film, even the dramatic ones, where you just can’t help but laugh at Murray’s unique facial expressions and touches. The most interesting thing is that he very often plays film seducers, since he is not really considered a Hollywood beauty, on the contrary, and that gives his roles a special dose of comedy. His character Phil is practically incorrigible, and that is exactly what this film needs. The story in the film actually indicates that some people are so incorrigible, that only such a fantastic situation, like the one Phil got into, can teach them a lesson. In this case, Phil falls in love with Rita at the beginning of the film, although we only find out later. However, with his characteristics and behavior, he is very far from winning her heart and she is unattainable for him. In fact, the meaning of his entire time adventure is in his transformation of the personality that made him suitable for Rita.

In the end, the question arises as to how many times Phil survived the same day, February 2, that is. Groundhog Day in the film of the same name. According to the original story, it was also centuries, but the film crew later determined that it would be approximately ten years, although that fact is not mentioned anywhere in the film. In a later interview, the film’s director, Herold Remis, said that in relation to Phil’s acquired skills during the film, that period would have to be a minimum of 30 to 40 years.

If you are a fan of similar topics, we recommend the film 12:01, also from 1993, as well as a short film with the same title from 1990, and if you haven’t watched “Groundhog Day” yet, we’ll just say “what are you waiting for? “.