Rio 2 (2014)


Director and screenwriter Carlos Saldanha takes us back to the colorful world of Rio, although in this sequel the action takes place almost all the time in the Amazon forest. With a team of animators who have done a masterful job and, as far as animation is concerned, this is one of the best animated films not only this year, but the problem is that it failed to cover an average and somewhat confusing script with unconvincing plot, so the overall rating is by no means cannot be the maximum.

The film continues in the first part, so that the central characters are survived by blue parrots that live in a special reserve in Rio. Believing that the only surviving birds of their species are Blue (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway), they formed their family and have three children. Things get unexpected when they discover that there may be more members of their species in the heart of the Amazon and they decide to look for them. However, they are not alone on that journey because the cockatoo Nigel is waiting for the perfect moment to take revenge with the help of the poisonous frog Linda (Leslie Mann). In the meantime, they get involved in the fight against the people who are destroying the forest, and Blue will realize that life in the wild is not for him.

The sequel has some weird moments and it made me laugh a few times, but the problem with the plot is that it is weak and predictable. Occasionally it is felt that some scenes are forced and one gets the impression that it is occasionally abnormally long and time consuming. What is characteristic of the films where the action takes place in the Amazon is inserted, and that is a kind of popping with ecological messages about the protection of trees as a natural habitat for many animals. Personally, I completely need that subplot. He deals with the issue of family, sense of belonging, instinct for survival, as well as the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Most of the characters have returned from the first film and a lot of new, nice ones have been added, but the viewer can’t honestly connect with any of them. The film looks beautiful and it’s a shame that the characters aren’t so well developed. Of course, as every sequel tries to surpass its predecessor, the animation is even more convincing than in the first part, but the problem is that a lot of characters are introduced who make a real mess towards the end. The animators really made an effort, they enriched the whole project and, if for no other reason, it is worth watching it in the cinema just because of that. There are many fun music sequences that will shake you up.

It may not be as much fun for adults because it doesn’t engage the viewer, it’s not too smart or too witty compared to recent animated films, but children, and those who feel that way, will really enjoy it.