Beowulf (1999) Trailer


The screenplay for this film is based on an eighth-century poem that is considered the first surviving piece of English literature. The fact is that this project had to rise above the exploitative garbage placed in the post-apocalyptic era, but it failed to do so and a film was created that provokes a mixture of disbelief and despair while watching.

The store is located on the European continent where civilization has collapsed, with only a few traces of technology owned by the powerful. One of them, Hrotgar, has problems with the invincible monster Grendel, who regularly visits the castle and kills several people during each visit, as well as with the enemy army that besieges his castle. Then Beowulf appears, a vagabond who breaks through the army and offers help in killing the monster. During the fight, he is severely wounded, but his wounds heal quickly and everyone understands that Beowulf is not an ordinary man either.

This film is completely chaotic, starting with the music, through the undefined hero, all the way to the extremely comic costumes and depictions of monsters. The script is thin and full of holes, although the director is trying to get everything out by shooting solid action scenes. It is full of clich├ęs and desperate dialogues, but it has an interesting spooky atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic-fantastic world. There is a lot of nudity and some scenes can pass as soft pornography. Apart from the effort invested in costumes and make-up, I really have nothing to praise in this film.

The role of Beowulf was taken by the extremely unsympathetic Christopher Lambert. I’m not a big fan of post-apocalyptic films, but the fact is that this project, in my opinion and taste, will be a disaster as soon as this gentleman gets the title role. And this role was completely cooler with omnipotent abilities and quickly bored the viewer. Other actors, of dubious quality, do not stand out at all and are not worth mentioning.